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Northern Psytrance Dj

In the early 80s Johan Nilsson was born in Sweden and later grew up in the northern German city of Kiel.
Johan fell in love with psy trance at the age of eleven,
when he came across the legendary album “The Lone Deranger” by “Hallucinogen”.
Since then, Johan has collected psy and progressive trance music.
When he was 18 he decided to start djing and organize parties.
After a while, things got going and they have grown until today.
Over the years the Optical Irriatation party series has emerged as one of the highlights of the northern German party scene.
Nowadays, Johan is a well estabilshed DJ with a lot of gigs at German major events and
club parties. As a DJ he is known for always having the right sound at the right time in his constantly updated case.

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