ANATOMIC, the brand new Psychedelic Trance project from Israeli born Ahron Pinto, bursts onto the scene with a truly remarkable debut EP entitled, “The Illusion.“ Releasing on leading Psychedelic Trance label Solar Tech Records, “The Illusion” contains two brand new tracks which showcase Anatomic’s diverse musical range, expert-level audio production, and an uncanny ability to suck the listener in with unique and driving melodies and hooks. The EP starts out with „Virtual Reality,“ a 138bpm progressive psychedelic opus of epic proportions!

This track has been tried and tested on the dancefloor, and is guaranteed to drive crowds into a dancing frenzy around the globe! “Virtual Reality” fills listeners’ ears with warm driving grooves – and the perfect balance of melodic, percussive, and psychedelic sounds! Next, the release titled track, “The Illusion” takes the tempo up a few notches to 145bpm; bringing driving Full-On energy to the forefront. The track samples ethnic vocals reminiscent of traditional eastern music and Goa Trance classics; but with an impressively modern and catchy groove and structure.

This track perfectly blends old and new to create something truly magical. Together, these two tracks illustrate the broad musical range of Anatomic, and give listeners a lot to look forward to from future releases! As far as artist debuts go, it truly doesn’t get any better than this! So grab your copy today, and keep your ears peeled for many new releases coming from Anatomic in the near future!