Behind the brand new Psychedelic Trance music project ANATOMIC is Ahron Pinto; born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. Living in one of the busiest and most creative centers for the global Psychedelic music scene, it should come as no surprise that Ahron was introduced to Psytrance at a young age.

He began attending Trance festivals at age 15, and has been hooked ever since! While serving in the Israeli army, Ahron started playing the Piano, and from there the transition into making Psytrance of his own was natural. Ahron is influenced by many of today’s leading Psytrance artists including: Darma, Ace Ventura, and Symbolic. Anatomic’s unique sound can be described as a polished mixture of Progressive and Full-On Psychedelic Trance; with modern sound production, rich textures, and catchy unique hooks. Now joining the ranks at one of the world’s top Psychedelic Trance labels, the German label Solar Tech Records, Anatomic is ready to unleash his sound to a global audience! Look forward to many releases coming down the pipeline from this talented new artist!