Atacama presents their brand new EP, “Ions Of Time,” coming to a dance floor near you from Solar Tech Records. This new EP includes two brand new tracks – both sure to become instant dancefloor hits! The release titled “Ions Of Time” presents listeners with smooth melodic soundscapes that gradually build energy in a deeply thoughtful and progressive manner. This track truly defines what “Trance” means. The second track, “Matters Of Substance” continues where the first track left off, and keeps the energy build and forward momentum. This track is very moody, deeply hypnotic, and framed by a groove that will make anybody want to get up and dance! The EP as a whole further defines Atacama’s signature style and sound. It goes back to the roots of Trance music, and brings a modern interpretation to the table that is sure to leave a lasting impact on listeners. Grab your copy today!