The brand new release from Liquid Viking is a 3-track-EP called “Multidimensional.”

The release starts off with a track that shares its name with the EP. And with that signature Liquid Viking sound, a prominent kick and bass, and a plethora of vocal samples enveloping us, we are off to a good start!

The second piece on the EP is called “Pulse F.” This tune shows us a fun and playful new dimension of the artist. It is a bouncy and funky track that will quickly have you hooked!

We finish off with a boom. Or rather, a track called “Boom Boom.” We are once again emerged in the familiar Liquid Viking vibes, and we are absorbed by a remarkable kick and bass that is bound to impress any psytrancehead.

“Multidimensional” will be out on Solar Tech Records on April 21th 2022.