N3XT the powerful new Psytrance project from Fabio Melo de Assunção & Moran Ben Meir presents a pounding new EP entitled, “Don’t Stop.”

The EP includes two amazing, cutting edge, yet nostalgic Psytrance tracks, starting off with a remix to Static Movement & Mute’s track, “Anonymous.” This track is deep and melodic. It takes listeners on an ethereal journey through the cosmos, driven by impeccably crisp and funky grooves. Rich with melody, emotion, and drive, this remix does the original justice and more. From there, N3XT presents their original track, “Don’t Stop.” It keeps the funky grooves, but increases the drive. It delivers punch, and an intelligent musical soundscape, presenting listeners with a distinctively unique and modern sound. Both tracks are available now from Solar Tech Records – so go grab your copy today!