Solar Tech Records is proud to present the debut EP, entitled “Your Are The Music,” from N3XT – the collaboration between Brazilian producer, Fabio Melo of “Rewind” and Israeli producer Moran Ben Meir of “Funk Truck.” Coming together from two sides of the world, this duo presents a unique take on today’s modern progressive sound. The EP starts out with “Free World” – a driving progressive track lush with uplifting melodic energy, but framed with pulsating and whirling psychedelic sounds. The EP continues with “Tekno,” which as the name suggests, takes the sound in a more techie and funky direction. The groove is broken and funky, and continues the uplifting and melodic vibe. The track slowly builds into more driving and psychedelic tones, telling a story along the way. The EP concludes with the release titled track, “You Are The Music.” This track is spaced out and atmospheric. It comes to a stunning climax with a powerful, uplifting, melodic trance break that will take you to heaven and back. Together these tracks present an outstanding debut, and set the tone of anticipation for more releases to come! Grab your copy today!