“7 Chakras” is the name of the EP containing the newest sounds from Brazilian artist Rewind.

It’s an energetic release with a wide range of sounds to keep the party going.

The first track of the release, also named “7 Chakras,” is fun, bouncy and full of skillful ways to build tension and energy. With playful sound effects and the obligatory middle eastern touch, the track is a joy for the psytrance fan to listen to. It also contains plenty of shifts in energy and a melodic break, resulting in a tune offering lots of variety that hooks the listener in a clever way.

The second track of the EP, “Village,” continues on the same fun and bouncy note. It also has an extra edge thanks to its guitar sounds and the classic psytrance triplets. It plays with both hard and soft emotions making it another dynamic track on this EP.

“7 Chakras” will be out on Solar Tech Records on October 22nd 2019.