Hot off the heels of their last EP, ‘Beyond Reality’ presents the next next step in the Shockwave sound, which has made the duo into one of today’s most promising and requested acts around the globe.
The new EP includes two all new original tracks. The first, the release-titled ‘Beyond Reality’ is an emotional, groovy, and pumping track, perfect for an uplifting daytime trance floor!
The second track ‘Identify’ is a bit more serious, incorporating goa-inspired melodies and arpeggios fused with the modern sound of Shockwave’s groovy daytime trance. The result is something very special, and sure to excite dance floors on all sides of the world. Both tracks are expertly composed and set the standard in high quality Psychedelic Trance engineering and production. Together these tracks make an excellent addition the DJ case and one’s music collection.
So strap in and get ready for impact, the Shockwave is coming!