Solar Tech Records is happy to present the debut EP from new label artist SXH, “Computer Programmed Reality.” The new EP includes two brand new tracks. The first, and release titled “Computer Programmed Reality,” starts out on point with a high energy Full-On bassline, ripping psychedelic stabs, atmospheric and emotional leads, and relentless driving percussion. This is a track aimed for peak morning and sunrise hours on festival dancefloors, and sure to drive dancers wild! The energy hardly lets up as it takes listeners on a journey through the many layers of emotion and a complete psychedelic journey. The second track “Future Sound of Technology” starts out again with a pounding, powerful bassline. The track takes a more techie approach with surgically placed stabs, chopped vocal samples, and harsh industrial leads all framed in a pounding, deep trance groove. Both tracks are must haves for fans of powerful morning style Psytrance, and are sure to become instant classics among DJs and dancers around the globe.