Get lost in space with the Space Brothers’ latest EP.”

Get lost in space with the Space Brothers’ latest EP. This release is colored by that recognizable Space Brothers’ sound, but contains exciting and original elements as well.

Packed full of psychedelic sound effects, energy builds and vocal samples, the opening track “Lost in Space” has all the essentials for a banging psytrance track.

It is followed by the ominous sound of “Solar Eclipse.” This track has a curious and almost sinister energy about it that travels backwards and forward throughout the tune.

The third track, “Valcin” is an energetic piece of music full of effective starting and stopping points, and plenty of interesting vocal elements.

Finally, we hear some familiar oriental chants and the bouncing energy of “Mannan,” and finish off this four-track EP in that beloved and classically psychedelic way.

“Lost in Space” will be out on Solar Tech Records on March 5th 2019.