Tulk is back with his all new EP, “Music Graffiti” on Solar Tech Records. This artist is no stranger to the psychedelic trance world. Back in 1998, while living in his home town Hamburg, Germany, where he still lives today, he discovered his first Psychedelic Trance parties. After falling in love with the music, he formed the music group, “Optokoppler” with his friend Oliver Mondoshivan. After releasing two Full-On albums together, Tulk decided to travel the world in order to spread his music. Tulk has kept a steady stream of releases including his very own artist album, “Wonderland,” released in 2008, along with numerous releases on compilations. Tulk and Solar Tech Records are both very excited to present the next chapter in this exciting artist’s journey. “Music Graffiti” includes three all new, unreleased tracks that are sure to please dance floors around the world. The first track, “Bass Movement” is an uplifting, high energy, Full-On stomp. Grounded in the classic Psytrance structure, and framed with unique leads, melodies, and psychedelic soundscapes to make your mind go wild. The second track, and the title track of the EP “Music Graffiti,” is a second dose of high energy Full-On. This time there is the addition of more uplifting euphoric melodies and groovy sounds and structure; perfect for a high-energy morning dance floor. The third and final track of the EP, “Invisible Control,” the hardest track of the release brings the energy into deeper, driving, and more aggressive tones. The intensity remains ever constant as psychedelic noises and subtle melodies drive the unique story of this track. All three tracks are extremely high quality and unique, showing the amount of true artistry that went into this release. Grab this EP, and for proper effect, play it with the volume turned up!
Written by: Steven Kahn