Israeli psytrance protege Vandeta (aka Shlomi Amir) is back with his second full length artist album entitled, “Mechanical Nature.” The album presents 8 brand new original psytrance tracks, a remix of “Crocoloko – Voice Of Butterfly” by Vandeta & Ayawaska, and finishes off with Vandeta’s track “World Peace,” a deep, ethereal, downtempo journey into sound and emotion. Throughout the album, Vandeta presents truly next level sound quality and production. Stylistically, the album integrates new sounds and more melody than his previous releases. However, Vandeta’s signature sound is easy to spot – making this album a true gift for new and old fans alike. Each track envelopes the listener with expertly tuned, driving, and funky bass grooves, spotless, precise percussion, psychedelic atmospheres and effect, and melodies that take the listener to completely new emotional dimensions. The result is something unique, high energy, and absolutely perfect for the psychedelic trance-floor! Vandeta’s brand new album, “Mechanical Nature” is available now from his home label, Solar Tech Records – grab your copy today!